Biosana enters exclusive global licensing agreement with Alvotech for co-development of a Proposed Biosimilar (AVT23) to Xolair® (Omalizumab)


2nd February, 2022

Leiden, February 2, 2022 –  BiosanaPharma, a Gold Nest Capital portfolio company, has entered into a global licensing agreement with Alvotech to co-develop BP001, a biosimilar of Xolair (omalizumab).

Under this agreement, BiosanaPharma and Alvotech will jointly develop the drug candidate, which has already achieved positive results in its Phase I. 

BiosanaPharma has developed a new generation of continuous manufacturing process for monoclonal antibodies, the 3C Process, which will significantly reduce the COGS of these therapeutics and thus increase their patient access.

This licensing agreement is an important step in the validation of the platform and the development of the company, which aims to become a global reference in the manufacturing of monoclonal antibodies and biosimilars.